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Jen Sarmiento

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They Cracked my back and it felt soooo GOOD!

Had a back CRACKING session today, and it felt sooooooo GOOD. This is all thanks to my twin, Jasmin, who convinced me into doing it.

A session normally costs P 2,500.00. But there is an on-going promo until November 31, and if you are a pair, it's P1,500.00 each and if you are a trio, it'll be for P1,000.00 each so we decided to get that promo.

Cebu Chiropractor Promo

The place was pretty accessible since it is located at the 2nd floor of The Henry Hotel Cebu, so parking was not a problem. You also have to reserve beforehand, so they can inform the doctor ahead of time.

Entrance of Cebu Chiropractic Clinic

When we got there, the staff was extremely friendly. They had us fill up some forms and then we sat down as we waited for our turn.

Wall Sign in the Clinic

Cebu Chiropractic totally delivered when they said that it can “adjust” & make you feel better in an instant.

Jasmin being "CRACKED"

Was it painful? NOOO!!! But you just gotta RELAX. I was a bit anxious at first, but doc told me to relax and then there goes the CRACKING! Jasmin and Ralph, also had their turn afterwards and their posture somehow got better right afte r. Jas also claims that she felt like a new born baby!

As for me, I felt pretty loose in my joints right after so I’m guessing, it really worked! So thank you, Doc!

Doc adjusting Ralph's neck

They have an on-going extended promo right now, so give them a call and make a reservation! It’s totally WORTH it.

CEBU Chiropractor is located in the 2nd floor at The Henry Hotel Cebu. You can also contact them here: 0995 2843503. They have the friendliest staff by the way and they give away free water! 📷:D


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