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Glass & Glowing Skin Anyone?

Having flawless glass and glowing skin is every girl’s dream. It took me years to figure out the formula and to think It has just been a month.

I have been watching korean teledramas for the longest time and I’ve always appreciated their skin. Well it‘s no wonder why they are so flawless, they have 10 different steps to achieve this goal!!

To be honest, i actually have a weekly diamond peel session in our clinic @BeautyAndBeyondPhilippines (

This really helped with my skin. I used to have pigmented skin and big pores a long time ago but the sessions reduced it and made it better.

Although diamond facials are very good, they are not exactly enough, maintaining an everyday skin care routine helps as well! I recently discovered the 10 steps facial routine aka the Korea facial technique and it definitely is the Holy grail of skincare regimen.

Because of these steps, i minimized my usage of make up. It made me extra glowy too!! Also, one of the skin products conceals your redness. So what steps are these?

10 step regimen (aka Korean Skin Care)


Purpose: Oil or Micellar Cleansers removes the makeup , sunscreen and pollution debris from your skin.

What I Use: BANILA Co. Clean It ZERO

Why I like it: This product feels like it's melting the stubborn make-up. It's also very easy to use. You just got to scoop a bit and it spreads all through our your face. It also naturally exfoliates and brightens your skin!

Where to buy: I bought mine in LOVEUNNIE OFFICIAL (P1,149.00). They have very good service and they carry tons of korean products. You can check them here: You could also check out BANILA CO. in Ayala Cebu.

Alternative: Loreal Micellar Water (P200+ )

BANILA CO. CLEAN IT ZERO works wonders


Purpose: Despite cleaning your face with and oil based cleanser, there will still be a few traces of dirt left, so just to be safe, you double-wash it. A foaming cleanser is great because is spreads out evenly and it's very good for you skin.

What I Use: PONDS Pure white with Activated Charcoal

Why I like it: Charcoal is known to be a natural cleanser. Aside from this, it has whitening effects as well. I've been using this product for years already and it has done wonders. It clears up my pores and keeps my skin so fresh and clean every time I use it and makes it brighter too.

Where to buy: Any local grocery or beauty store! (Watsons, Robinsons, SM, etc. , P164.00 )

Alternative: Any other foaming facial wash



Purpose: Exfoliation not only clears out your clogged pores but it also gets rid off the dead skin cells. Revealing an instant BRIGHT SKIN! Toner, on the other hand, balances your skin and helps tighten it as well.

What I Use: NEOGEN Tox Tightening Pack : Lemon Green Caviar Essence

Why I like it: Aside from it's cute packaging and having tongs, i like this product because of it's benefits. This patented, duo treatment pack is pre-soaked in an anti-aging essence that exfoliates as well as tightens and brightens the skin. It is infused with a combination of Lemon, Vitamin-C, and Niacinamide to help tighten pores, clear blackheads, excess sebum and oil, brighten dull skin, and improve skin texture and temperature. This serves both as an exfoliation and a toner. It comes with cotton pads that have dual sides (cotton and exfoliation), so you can pretty much use it everyday. I added more cotton on the essence to maximise its usage.

Where to buy: ( P2,499.00)

Alternative: Exfolatior: Any exfoliator in the market, Toner: Any toner in the market

NEOGEN's back to back cotton from the TOX Tightening Pack


Purpose: FIRST OF ALL, What is the difference between : Toners, Essence, Serums may sound like they have the same benefits but after reading tons of articles regarding this, I finally understood it. ESSENCE is basically a watery lotion that focuses on fixing aging, moisturizing and renewing the cells. It works deep at the cell level, so you could see the results quick, unlike any other products. The toner has a lighter texture so it's used for PREP, while the SERUM has a thicker structure. Although, it has the same purpose as an essence, it is thicker in structure. It has high concentration of active ingredients and has good moisturizing effect, which is used for sealing all the skin products combined. So Essence's purpose is to heal and renew the cell. While the serum is to renew the skin and lock down everything.

What I Use: NACIFIC Phyto Niacin Whitening essence and IT's SKIN Power 10 Formula VC (For Brightening)

Why I like it: Phyto Niacin claims to make your face white, shine(or maybe glow), moist, bright, no-blemish, and balancing. I've been using it for about a week and it has made my skin, i guess more shiny and glowy. They also claimed that they used bamboo water instead of regular water which makes your skin extra glowly. Another good thing about them is that, it has hyaluronic acid on it - this is good for moisture!

IT's SKIN Power 10 Formula VC, aside from it being very cheap, I like it because it's benefits is direct to the point. VC focuses on brightening your skin. I've been using this product and I feel like it got better. These two are a good combination!!

Where to buy: ( NACIFIC Essence: P1,199.00 | VC Serum : P599.00 )

Alternative: ( Pure Beauty SO Glow Essence: P799.00 | Serum: Collagen by Watsons (On sale P439.00 )


Purpose: Facial Masks can work wonders for your skin. There are so many kinds. It's benefits depend on the ingredients on the mask, it makes your skin feel great and glowing right away!

What I Use: KOKOClear Charcoal Magic Mask

Why I like it: The mask contains both charcoal and coffee. Charcoal is known to cleanse and make your skin better while coffee helps energize it. I've been using this mask every other day, and every time i use it, i feel so FRESH! It's cream based so you can use a brush or your fingers to apply it, you can wash it right away too so it's pretty handy!

Where to buy: (P650.00)

Alternative: Any Mask you can find in watsons or any beauty store!



Purpose: So what is the purpose of a cream? It helps make your desired area look and feel better. It has ingredients that can help fix, lighten and moisturize your face!

What I Use: IT Cosmetics BYE BYE Undereye Cream, IT Secret Sauce Face Cream and KLAVUU Lip Skin Care pack

Why I like it: I've been using IT Cosmetics for about a week, and it really lightened my eyebags and moisturized my skin. I actually got this from SEPHORA and i'd have to say that it's one of the best products ever! It really helped make skin look and feel so much better. As for my lips, I've had severe dry lip issues for the longest time and ever since i used this Nourishing care lip sleeping pack, it improved the moisture of my lips. I can use lipstick now without it chapping up! So this is a MUST.

Where to buy:




Purpose: THE SUN DAMAGES your skin. YES, this is a fact. So don't go out without using SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Sunscreen helps protect your skin from UV rays, which cause sunburn and the accumulation of cell-damaging free radicals

What I Use: I have tons of sunblocks so i use anything I see in the house.

So there you have it!!! The 10 STEP aka Korean Skincare REGIMEN. Do I do this everyday? YES I do and it has done wonders. For those who have sensitive skin, you can skip the exfoliation and do it 3x a week. But if you're like me, you can do mild exfoliation everyday, and then the deep ones, 1-3x a week.

I've been doing all these steps for a month now and this is my skin now:

By the way, I don't have any foundation on. I did a bit of my brows and I also applied some cheek tint & eyelash extensions from BEAUTY AND BEYOND PHILIPPINES. So yes, the regimen did work! GLASSY AND GLOWING SKIN!! <3

For those of you who want to do this, DO IT! It may be very long but it's totally worth it. If you have any questions, let me know! Good luck to you and Thanks for reading!

NOTE: This is a personal and unbiased review for products. I'm merely sharing my experience. :)


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