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Jen Sarmiento

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CELLPOD definitely SAVES more.

We earn less to help you save more. That's their slogan. If you go to any of their shops, it's imprinted on their wall , so you won't be able to miss it. So do they actually make you save more? Let's find out!

CELLPOD's friendly counter girl!

Finding a Cellphone isn't really hard nowadays. Almost every shop carry all sorts of cellphones and pads. But what about a value cellphone that still has internet, media and a good camera? Now, thats hard.

We were looking for a quality phone for our staff that was still pretty much affordable and of course in good quality so we went around the shops in Ayala. After a while, we finally passed by CELLPOD and their slogan caught my eye: We earn less to help you save more. So out of curiosity, we walked in.

See! Look how visible their slogan is!

Their shop actually has a wide selection of brands. From Huawei to Sony, Samsung, Lenovo & More! We went around the shop and very friendly people accommodated us! Thanks by the way! We asked for a Value and Quality Phone and they suggested the Huawei Y6. While talking to the staff, my fiancee (Kirby) went around to price compare and when he came back, we discovered one thing: CELLPOD does indeed carry items that is cheaper than the rest!

Wide selection of brands

Huawei Y6 which is one of the best value phones right now with a great camera. CELLPOD's Huawei Y6 was at P5,790.00 while the other shops offer it at P5,990-P6,000.00+. We we're really surprised with the price difference and we know for some it's not much but it came with free accessories, so the better right? In bisaya - SULIT KAAYO!

This was CELLPOD's offer to us:

1.) P5,790.00 + (FREE P300.00 worth of accessories)

2.) 5,990.00 + (FREE P500.00 worth of accessories)

Again, How awesome is that?! We got to SAVE a lot!! It was definitely worth the purchase!

We also found out that if you go in-store, they offer more special deals. So you have to visit them and check them out! You could probably find a great christmas gift there! I found mine. But i'll get put that on my wishlist. LOL!

Christmas Wishlist

What a day! I'm sure our staff will be so happy with her new phone! Thank you so much for being so helpful, CELLPOD. They have several stores around CEBU by the way!! (SM , Ayala, Robinsons Galleria, etc), So go VISIT and SAVE!!

Till next time!



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