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Timezone Re-launches Philippine Flagship Arcade at Ayala Center Cebu

Timezone re-launches the first ever entertainment venue in the Philippines at the 2nd Level of   Ayala Center Cebu with more world-class features. Timezone was launched in the Philippines in 1998 at the same venue endearing the brand to multi-generations of Cebuanos. 

A new generation of Cebuano players are expected to join loyal patrons that used to flock this hub with family and friends at the onset of the millennium. Timezone has always been a favorite hangout place where people of all ages indulge in their favorite entertainment games and discover new ones. 

The sprawling 710 sqm renovated facility features an array of new and exclusive games and innovations among them Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, Rabbids VR the big Ride, Avengers, Halo, Slam n Jam Ultra, Dinosaur Era, Aurora Air Hockey, Magic Coin, and Snapshot Photo Booth. 

In an era where everyone is perpetually drawn to their computer and mobile screens, Timezone is undaunted in the belief that people regardless of age still want to spend time with each other even while doing their favorite forms of entertainment. 


Timezone President and General Manager Raffy Prats asserts “the games Timezone offers to its guests are different from the games available in home computers and mobile phones. Our games are communal in nature and played casually by our customers in a social setting.  We offer a more immersive, shared, and physical experience when playing our games. One simply cannot play our basketball and bowling games in one’s computer or mobile phone.”


While high-octane arcade games and technology are highly popular at Timezone, traditional games are just as engaging including the Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Billiards Zones, Bowling Alleys, Basketball Zone, and Ping-Pong Zone. 

Still, generation Z’s favorite computer game Minecraft can be played at Timezone’s arcade setting. Minecraft is a highly popular three-dimensional sandbox game that enables interaction with other players as they modify 3D blocks and diverse entities. 

President & GM Raffy Prats assures “even our virtual-reality platforms are state-of-the-art and can’t be replicated in the home setting.  Our photo booths are very engaging and gives one an instant “memento” of one’s visit to a Timezone center.  Through our vending and ticket games, our guests can have social fun and win prizes directly from our games or through our Prize Shops.  This is not as easily done and as fun to do in a home computer or mobile phone.”

Twenty-five years since the opening of this very first Timezone venue, there’s already a total of three Timezone in Cebu located at the Ayala Center 2nd Level (Main), one near the 4th Level cinema and another at the Ayala Central Bloc. 

Timezone Cebu features Party Rooms where guests can celebrate milestones and other special occasions.  The Timezone Prize Shop offers incentives and instant-win experiences for customers. 




 The Cebu Timezone Arcade is the first branch to adapt Tap and Play Card System in the Philippines. Instead of tokens, the system adapts the magnetic swipe card wherein the customer can load and reload to their account, tap the RFID card through the machine and play their game of choice instantly. Meanwhile, the Timezone Fun App is a mobile application program that offers exclusivity to mobile owners in terms of Timezone’s games, vouchers, discounts, rewards and other promotions. Customers can also use the app to reload, track their powercard balance, tickets and rewards as well. The app is available for download on both iOs Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android.


Timezone will continue to introduce games and attractions most of which have not been seen in the Philippines. Timezone venues will also spell innovation. President & GM Prats says “our Timezone venues moving forward will be large, multi-attraction venues offering best-in-class family entertainment.  Our first-rate store architecture will delight our customers with multiple large LED screens and piped-in-music across the entire venue.”

Timezone is also set to open 15 branches nationwide in the next two years.  

Aside from the Ayala Center Cebu, Timezone can be found at different malls all over the country. Check out their social media accounts: FB: Timezone Philippines and Instagram: @ilovetimezone. Interact and share your Timezone pictures and experiences on social media using the hashtag #JoinTheFunAtTimezone 



Timezone was founded in 1978 in Perth, Australia and, is the leading chain of Family Entertainment Centers in the Asia-Pacific region, offering state-of-the-art interactive game, rides, and attractions. Timezone provides a social experience filled with non-stop fun for all ages. Our best-in-class venue design and well-trained Fun Squad assures a safe, friendly, and fun environment for all our guests. Timezone internationally operates over 320 locations across 7 countries, with 62 locations in the Philippines. Join us for an exciting, unforgettable experience at any of our locations or visit to learn more. 


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