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The New House of Lechon Branch In Don Avila Street

Good New Cebuanos!! The House of Lechon has a new branch and it's bigger and has more instagrammable areas!

Their new restaurant is located close to Cebu Doctor's Hospital and Sacred Heart School Hijas in Don Jose Avila Street (Old Captain A's). The location is pretty ideal because it has a lot of foot traffic. The good thing about this branch is their parking as well. It can accommodate several cars.

When it comes to Cebu, LECHON normally comes in your mind and the House of Lechon offers one of the best in the City. They have the taste of the famous CARCAR Lechon , which is about 1-2 hours drive from the main city. A kilo of lechon is priced at P785.00 (Original) and P850.00 (Spicy).


Aside from having the popular lechon, House of Lechon have several delicious food in their menu such as their Scallops, Gambas, Adobong Kangkong and their Oreo Mango Float in a cup. They have more in their menu and they are all delectable!

They are also offering 3 new dishes as well for this year. Including the extremely delicious Tangigue Sinigang Soup with Watermelon, Tuna Patty and Tuna Sisig!

Tangigue Sinigang with Watermelon

As for the ambiance, The House of Lechon Don Avila Branch for me is the most beautiful branch. There's a picture spot everywhere and the color scheme is great.

Photo wall inside one of the rooms

Everything is Picture Perfect!

Jasmin posting with the Grass Lechon logo in the 2nd floor

Aside from having an instagrammable-feel, they will also have a SUMMERS (Cold Desserts) Area inside the restaurant, which will open within the year.

The place is designed by Arisa Onozawa and furnitures are from the filipino designer, Vito Selma.

Photo from above

So what are you waiting for? Craving for Carcar LECHON? Congratulations HOUSE OF LECHON CEBU!

Check them out at Don Avila Street Cebu beside Cebu Doctors Hospital today!


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