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The Great Cebuano Flatlay Battle

FLAT LAY BATTLE indeed. That was one nerve-wracking contest!!

I was lucky enough to be invited to join the very first ever flat lay battle in SM City Cebu Events hall last November 25, 2018. The event was sponsored by both DIMSUM break and SM City Cebu.

There were 6 of us that participated in the contest and we were given a different table per person. Aside from having judges, the audience were also told to partake the event by voting for their favorite Flat layer.

We were given 3 minutes per round to "SHOP" and display (flat-lay) the food, and take a photo of it and post it on instagram. There were 4 different rounds, and each round had a theme.

The First round were Fruits and Vegetables, Second was Dimsum Break Appetizers, Third was Dimsum Break Maincourse, and Last was Dimsum Break Dessert.

Were there any specific rules?

Not really but we just had to stick to the time and be creative as much as possible. We also had to take a PHOTO of our Flatlays.

As the contest began, I walked fast to the "SHOPPING" area and thought of color combinations. For the first round, I was thinking of TUTTI FRUITY backgrounds so that's what i based it on. My twin sister, Jasmin was overly supportive and starting cheering me on! I stood up on a chair just to get a good photo, which i guess WORKED!

Trying to get a good flatlay view

#FIRST. This flat lay got me so much votes!

In the second round, it was the appetizers turn. Who doesn't love DIMSUM Break Siopao & Noodles right? I was so hungry displaying this by the way! I placed them on top of a cutting board and viola! (see the photo below)

2nd flat lay: Appetizers

What do you think? Well, this got me a few more VOTES from random people but it was also probably cause I had my twin to cheer me on!

My ever supportive TWIN, Jasmin!

Someone who voted for me!! :)

On the 3rd and 4th round, I got a bit more nervous and I blanked out so I didn't exactly do well. The flat lay was all over the place and I was a bit sad about it but it's okay! I still had fun!

Dimsum Break Main Course & Desserts


Overall, I had a really WONDERFUL and GREAT time. I may not have placed but I got to win BEST IN AUDIENCE CHOICE so THANK YOU FOR THIS!

Photo taken from instagram

The Cebuano Flat lay Battle Winners (Photo by Jean Yu)

The ones who placed were : Issa P. who won First, Doyzie B. who won Second and Jean Y. who won Third.

They had really beautiful flatlays by the way! Congratulations you guys!!

The other contestants had really beautiful flat-lays as well. So Congratulations to all of us! This was a first in Cebu and It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of this. SM really has one of the most interesting contests and It was overall FUN. There will be more in the future apparently, so for the future contestants, GOOD LUCK!

The Contestants

Thank you again for Having Us! Thank you also to Mitz J. for the opportunity! <3

Much Love,



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