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#SPArty at The Afternoon Tea Spa


The Afternoon Tea Spa hosted a Birthday SPArty for us last January 24 and It was the BEST experience ever!

Customizable Wall for Exclusive Events

The place was so perfect. It had balloons, canapes, a really good scent and bubbles!!! Thank you again for this.

The SPA can accommodate 6 people at at time.

Rarely can you find a place in Cebu that offers Therapeutic Massages and Hot Stone Massages for the foot but they offer it right here! The Afternoon Tea Spa is a Unique Spa that is located in Chonghua Mandaue. Yes, that's right! It's located in the Hospital which makes it even more unique(and very clean!!!). Also, if you are visiting a friend or a relative in Chong Hua Mandaue, they cater to room service!

The services in Afternoon Tea Spa are all ORIGINAL by the way, and it has a feel of london. It is also Aesthetically perfect.

Bubbles and Canapes for the Sparty

Aside from having a wonderful ambiance, the spa also has premier massage products like - Young Living, Human Nature and Cacao Butter which you can use for the massage with an additional price. But it is worth it!

The first service we got to try out was the Chocolate Scrub. It was so interesting and it made my feet smooth and smell really great afterwards. I mean come on, a coffee scrub and chocolate mask? I thought it was odd at first but it was definitely relaxing! There are also two other choices of the scrub, which were - Volcanic and the Honey and Oats Scrub. Both are equally amazing.

The next service we got to try out was the Hot Stone Foot Massage. The staff were very nice and comforting to the customers as well. They placed a hot pillow patch at the back and offered a very soft blanket, which made me feel more relaxed. We also got to choose the massage pressure, and it was very nice. I have never tried a massage that relaxing so i am definitely going back there for more!

Hot Stone Foot Massage

The service for me was 5/5. Totally worth it. Afternoon Tea Spa, is the only spa in Cebu that offers the hot stone foot massage, so you definitely have to check it out.

Jasmin trying out the chocolate scrub

Another service, we got to try out was the Hot Stone Back Massage. It was very relaxing and well, I didn't take photos of it but my back felt much better afterwards! The stone massage is so perfect again, another 5/5!!!

The Rooms behind the boys are the Body Massage Treatment Rooms

The Spa actually carries several services which we have yet to check out and I will definitely come back for more. The Therapists are also very friendly. If you want to make a reservation, you have to call beforehand (0322558156/0323188986) or visit their facebook page and message them :

They also cater to Exclusive SPARTY's for Weddings, Birthdays and More which starts at P7,000.00 and is consumable. They can provide an exclusive menu, an exclusive signboard, bubbles and canapes as well(just like ours), which will make your party even more customized and fun. So give them a ring for your next party!

The Afternoon Tea Spa is opened from 11 AM - 10 PM (Monday to Saturday) at Chonghua Mandaue. Again, don't forget to reserve prior to going there! <3

Thank you again for having us Sir Jerry. Drop by Afternoon Tea Spa today!




Visit their facebook page and message them :


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