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FREE FOOD, Anyone?

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

@TheAbacaGroup of companies just launched #TheAbacaGroup promo card today and we got to see it first hand at @RedLizardPH.

#TheAbacaGroup Promo Cards are finally here! Free Food Anyone?

We got to know about ABACA’s 22 flavors at Red Lizard Ayala and we also got to try out their amazing tex-mex food as well their delicious margarita.

The Abaca Group has became synonymous with Cebuano lifestyle and culture for over a decade with its premium, handcrafted and fresh dishes from its various dining concepts. This time, they take diners on a culinary tour of its signatures and favorites with its series of cool promo cards.

Some of the cards in Abaca's 22 Flavors

Head on over to any ABACA Group of Restaurant and get a chance to redeem any of these awesome unique promo cards that offer sumptuous and best of all, free treats, with NO MINIMUM Purchase.

Light in Red Lizard :)

Hunt for all the cards to unlock the sumptuous treasures of Abaca such as frozen and hot coffee drinks from The Abaca Baking Company to Red Lizard’s chicken taquitos, check hot pops, mini nachos, tacos, burritos, and queso Dips, Phat phot’s com chien fried rice, phat cooler banh mi sandwich, egg rolls and pho’s, Tavolata’s pasta pomodoro and Hand tossed pizza and the famous, MAYA’s Margarita.

Amazing tex-mex food from Red Lizard

Thank you again for having us Ate Jaja from @bigseedpr and @theabacagroup 🙂

PS. Don't forget to try their amazing Margarita's!!!


<3 J


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