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FORTH & TAY is back in CEBU!

Looking for FINE WINES & SPIRITS??

One of the biggest wine distributors in the Philippines is finally back in #CEBU!! They are opening their doors to the public tomorrow. How Exciting!

Forth & Tay is known to be one the leading players in the Philippine Wines and Sprits industry.

They are known to be one of the biggest distributors in the country.

The newly opened place not only focuses on their fine selection of wines but now you can enjoy them with a selected menu that perfectly fits their curated liquors.

FORTH & TAY Cebu Grand Opening - 11/28/18

The Rare Macallan - 25 years

Aside from having a wonderful selection of food, they have a great ambiance and a "MALT" room - which is the first in the city!

The Malt Room has fine selections of whiskies which you can surely enjoy, and they have rare ones too! Like the Macallan 25 years which is around P100,000.00. Very pricey but very rare!

The MALT room

Thank you for the wine.

The Grand Opening went pretty well. There was music, food and of course a raffle! I was lucky enough to win one of the wines so thank you for this.

I won the RAFFLE!

Forth & Tay opens to the public November 29, 2018! Do check them out.

CONGRATULATIONS Forth & Tay Cebu!! Thanks for having me and thank you for the wine I won in the raffle draw!!

Check them out at Bonifacio District, F.Cabahug Street Mabolo!

See you there!



For Reservations, Contact:

Mikoh Bastes - 0917.872.2813



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